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When to expect migration tool...

I was just wondering when i can expect a migration tool for my EEPC/EEM installtion? Since we are about to go on to ePO 4.5 soon, i would like to move my environment there.

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Re: When to expect migration tool...

For migration to EE v.6.x? I have never seen precise schedule of new product releases to be published on open forums. A very rough milestone can be probebly obtained by your McAfee representative. I have seen mid to Q3 2010 being mentioned somewhere.

Re: When to expect migration tool...

As Peter says, we don't publish release dates in advance. It will be around the middle of the year though.

Re: When to expect migration tool...

any chance your professional service guys can get a copy of it for testing purposes?


Re: When to expect migration tool...

I am a professional service dude. This gets my vote!

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Re: When to expect migration tool...

I too once was a professional service dude.  Nothing sucks more than McAfee selling a customer a product, then contacting our company to deploy said product, and we have never even seen the product because it was just released and brand new and were never offered to participate in any BETAs or when we ask for a pre-release for testing purposes we get ignored.

Not to mention you have McAfee sales on the phone making the customer rediculous promises about the software that in reality can never be met and then who gets to look like a fool when we get onsite with the customer?  Bingo... we do.

Absolutely sucks.

And we were McAfee Elite Partners too

McAfee needs to work more closely with the companies they decide to use as "professional services" and get those guys involved in the BETAs and special tools like this migration tool...

Re: When to expect migration tool...

I agree with you. As a security company, McAfee must expand the number of beta testers.

regarding sales teams screwing up, that happens with every vendor/service provider. They just want to sell the "boxes". once we are at the site; customer is looking for a 'solution". thats like taking rabbit out of the hat.

McAfee has a long way to go before it really becomes an enterprise company; from the product release cycle, compatibility, integration to the product download area for the customer. Finding the latest release of a product in the download area is like searching for a needle in haystack. And download always time out because the session expires and does not support download manager. I use 'reloadevery' extension in firefox to refresh the page every 30 seconds. One way to circumvent this would be to introduce your own download manager much like Microsoft File Transfer Manager. or Akamai has their own download manager.

Its my opinion that features of McAfee products are on par with competitive products (considering single agent & management scenario) excluding AntiSpyware. I would love to see a backup solution (with data deduplication) from McAfee which is missing peice from the security spectrum. Or you may introduce extensions and reports that can interact with majot backup software.


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