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Whats up with my autodomain config

basically its not importing my currently cached user and its driving me NUTS

here is autodomain config

;For information on these parameters, please view the autodomain script itself.



DefaultMachineGroupName=My Group
;TemplateMachineGroup=SafeBoot Machines

;SkipUsers= |Administrator|,|LocalService|,|All Users|,|Default User|,|NetworkService|,|Guest|,|systemprofile|,|emanager|,|$autoboot$|
;TemplateUserGroup=SafeBoot Users
ConnectorName=Endpoint Encryption AD Connector




and here is the log

27/07/2009 16:07:05.14 PM: sbadmclSetMachineDescription passed for machine WRDLPTTST11
27/07/2009 16:07:05.14 PM: 0x00000000 | The operation completed successfully.
27/07/2009 16:07:05.14 PM: Using an existing machine template
27/07/2009 16:07:05.18 PM: Using Machine Name:"WRDLPTTST11" for future activity.
27/07/2009 16:07:05.18 PM: Running sbadmclIsMachineActive for WRDLPTTST11...
27/07/2009 16:07:05.18 PM: Existing Connection
27/07/2009 16:07:05.28 PM: sbadmclIsMachineActive returned results for WRDLPTTST11
27/07/2009 16:07:05.28 PM: Getting the current list of users for machine "WRDLPTTST11"
27/07/2009 16:07:05.28 PM: Running sbadmclDumpMachineUsers (WRDLPTTST11)...
27/07/2009 16:07:05.31 PM: Existing Connection
27/07/2009 16:07:05.79 PM: Found User:test1
27/07/2009 16:07:05.79 PM: Found User:123test
27/07/2009 16:07:05.79 PM: Found User:test2
27/07/2009 16:07:05.79 PM: Found User:mryan
27/07/2009 16:07:05.79 PM: Found User:admin
27/07/2009 16:07:05.79 PM: Found User:script001001
27/07/2009 16:07:05.79 PM: Found User:script001002
27/07/2009 16:07:05.79 PM: Found User:script001003
27/07/2009 16:07:05.79 PM: Found User:script001004
27/07/2009 16:07:05.79 PM: Found User:script001005
27/07/2009 16:07:05.80 PM: Skipping adding the following users for you because they are either already allocated, or on a blacklist your administrator has setSmiley IndifferentAdministrator|,|LocalService|,|All Users|,|Default User|,|NetworkService|,|Guest|,|systemprofile|,|emanager|,|test1|,|123test|,|test2|,|myuser|,|admin|,|script001001|,|script001002|,|script001003|,|script001004|,|script001005|

27/07/2009 16:07:05.80 PM: Skipped Current User (Because on Skip List): "test2" from the "WCL" Domain

i have not specified any users to skip? HELP
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Level 21

RE: Whats up with my autodomain config

probably because test2 is already assigned to the machine? (check the policy in EEM).

you have set users to skip though - you didn't define a skiplist at all, so the default skip list applies.
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Level 7

RE: Whats up with my autodomain config

my problem is though I am not getting prompted to put in the active directory credentials after the reboot so can not login to PBE with any of those users
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RE: Whats up with my autodomain config

because they are already set to the machine, the script assumes it's already done that.

unset them from the machine and it will prompt you for the >current< user creds when it sets them.

it will never do the cached users, as they are not sitting in front of the machine. If you want it to only add the current user each time, use "current" not "current,cached" and use "runonceonlogon" as true.
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RE: Whats up with my autodomain config

when you say unset them from the machine do you mean the user out of the user group assigned to the machine?

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RE: Whats up with my autodomain config

i mean make the user not be part of the user list of the machine, however you need to do it - it depends on whether they are a member of the machine user list, or inherited by virtue of a group membership.
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