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Vista, EEPC, and User-Restore Options

Hi all,

We're trying to define a Vista laptop build checklist in our company (to be used with Windows 7, long story) and one of the debate topics is whether to allow the following:

Control Panel > Backup and Restore Center >

  • Back up / Restore Files
  • Back up / Restore Computer

In the past, my recommendation for XP has been that "System Restore" is okay provided that restore points do not exist prior to the installation of EEPC / SafeBoot (that way, a user cannot corrupt their machine by restoring to the point before SafeBoot was installed - leaving them with an encrypted drive and forcing us to have to recover their data).

With Vista, I would guess the same rules apply, and I don't foresee any issues allowing file backup / restore. However, does it make any sense whatsoever to allow the Back up / Restore Computer option? Does Vista Computer Restore allow the user to overwrite the entire disk, or just the OS portion? Does anyone have any experience with this aspect of Vista?

Kind Regards,
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RE: Vista, EEPC, and User-Restore Options

Actually, I may have answered my own question. When you try to initiate a restore from within Windows Vista control panel, the popup immediately says "Your computer's hard disks will be reformatted and all user data and programs will be erased and replaced with the data and programs on your backups." I'm pretty sure that will leave the computer unusable, from a SafeBoot standpoint, but maybe further testing can confirm that.
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