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Video resolution changing w/ DVI KVM

I have a Dell Latitude D610 laptop running in a docking station, connected to a 1680x1050 LCD panel and the keyboard and mouse via a 2-port DVI KVM switching between the Dell laptop and a desktop PC. I've been running this setup for about 2 years without problems.

Today I installed SafeBoot and now I find that when I switch to the other machine and switch back, the laptop comes back up at 1440x1050 with black "letterboxing" to either side of the display area every time, and in some instances seems to have been operating at an even lower resolution while I was switched off to the other machine, since all of the windows will be moved to the upper-left and shrunk to smaller than their original size.

Again, installing SafeBoot this morning is the only change that has been made to this setup since it was functioning perfectly. I've searched without success for references to similar problems. I believe the safeboot version is 5.1.1 (at least the modules that report file versions are all showing "5,1,1,0" except for SafeBoot FIPS AES that reports 4,1,11,0)
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