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Using an MS DART USB on a system with an encrypted disk


Would it be possible to create an MS DART USB drive to use on a system with McAfee Endpoint Encryption?

Here's the use case scenario: 

A laptop looses its trust relationship with the domain and we aren't able to log in with cached credentials.  In addition, no one knows the local administrator password. 

On systems where the drive is not encrypted, we are able to use a bootable DART USB drive and use the "LockSmith" to reset the local administrator password so we can log in with that account and re-join the computer to the domain. 

With a disk that is encrypted, it can't see the drive.  I've tried adding the endpoint encryption drivers to the DART image, but no luck.

When I insert the bootable USB, it just boots to it and doesn't show the pre-boot authentication password prompt.  I don't know if that is the problem or not though.

Am I missing something, or is this even possible?

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