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User entries stopping being recorded in Audit log

we are using 5.2.1 about 10% into a rollout of 3,500 devices

I've been finding a number of users whos entries are not appearing in audit logs, or rather they stop appearing.

If I look at an audit entry of a device I see the expected

08/12/2009 15:07:54,0x02000001,"user.name2" (ID=0000028a\Type=00000001),Logon attempt

08/12/2009 15:07:54,0x04000001,"user.name2" (ID=0000028a\Type=00000001),Logon successful

with the odd

14/12/2009 09:07:06,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates

then all of a sudden I only see

30/12/2009 11:23:13,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates

01/01/2010 19:14:17,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates

03/01/2010 19:41:56,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates

04/01/2010 11:11:54,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates

08/01/2010 09:12:06,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates

08/01/2010 09:26:46,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates

10/01/2010 20:51:51,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates

11/01/2010 10:25:17,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates

looking at the users log (generally I only have one user logging onto a device) I see the log on entries mirrored as per the device log then the log has no more entries once the device log changes to the above

however I know the users are logging on and restarting, etc

What is going on?

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Re: User entries stopping being recorded in Audit log

any errors in the client log? Perhaps the audit file for the user has been corrupted somehow?

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