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Upgrading Safeboot 4.2 to to MEE 5701

We have upgraded from Safeboot 4.2.15 to MEE 5701 over the weekend. Initially everything appeared to be fine but has later identified following issues.

1. Unable to open Properties page for few objects.
Based on previous posts in the forum I have replaced sbfiledb.dll with the one from previous version (Not the one from 4.2.15 but from the one prior to MEE 5701 whose version is and the issue was resolved. Any ideas on what has caused the issue are welcome.

2. Selecting 'Attempt automatic windows login' in General properties of the machine doesn't seem to work and keeps prompting for windows login credentials.
However I haven't set SSO details for the MEE user I am using and is expecting MEE to automatically pickup these details as I haven't enabled the option 'Must match Windows user name'
We weren't using this option earlier and believe this may not be a upgrade issue. I am not sure whether SSO details should also be set for proper functioning of this or not. Expectation is MEE login should complete the windows login automatically. Please excuse me for my beginner's knowledge here.Smiley Happy

3. MEE password changes are not retained on one of the machines with Windows Vista SP1 machine and the password continuously resets back to '12345'
In the audit logs password change is recorded every time. On other machines with Vista SP1 it works like a charm. If anyone has come across such issues then please let me know your experiences so that I can give a try.

Though any of these three issues are much of a concern as of now, I am just worried that these things could eventually turn up as considerable road blocks and is curious to know the fixes

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