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Updating EEPC on clients using machine group option


We recently upgraded our mcafee endpoint manager and PC to the latest version 5.2.9. Upgrade went smoothly. However we can't remote update the EEPC on clients machines unless we do it through individual machine option and change the file set there.

We did change the group file set to newer files and then force synced it but the individual machines properties seems to take precedence over the group.

Problem is we have over 70 mahines to update and updating file set individually takes longer. I think originally when we created the machine groups we did not select the "All members of the group should have same configuration".

Is there a way to solve this issue? Thanks

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Re: Updating EEPC on clients using machine group option

you can use the "reset all to group configuration" on the machine group right-click menu? That will though reset every member to the group config - so make sure that's what you really want to do.

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