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Unmountable Boot Volume


I am having the following problem with a machine.

The machine in question was getting an error after Safeboot authentication "Operating System Not found"

I took the following measures:

1. Loaded SafeTech
2. Emergency Boot
3. Proceeded normal boot into Windows
4. Synchronized with server to complete boot
5. I am running build 5130, so I triggered an uninstall from the server
6. Safeboot decrypted and uninstalled successfully and asked for a reboot
7. I rebooted
8. BSOD, "Unmountable_Boot_Volume"

Any ideas why this happened or how I can avoid it in the future?

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Level 7

RE: Unmountable Boot Volume

Read the release notes for B5500. It talks about several problems related to BIOS features and problems with unpatched BIOS on certain machines (especially ones with SATA).
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RE: Unmountable Boot Volume

the error usually means that the SafeBoot.sys driver is still in the registry, but the file is gone.

most often I see this with people doing system restore activity - restoring from an uninstalled state to a point where SafeBoot was active.

to fix, use the recovery console, and make a copy of serial.sys called safeboot.sys.
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