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Unable to view folder after McAfee Encryption **Help**

Hi All,

Need help on McAfee External Encrypted HDD, recently I hadinstalled McAfee Media Encryption (corporate Account)

Story : Recent when i connected my External HDD to my laptopwhere  McAfee Media Encryption  was installed it me prompted for encryptionand i had confirmed (by clicking Yesand submitted the password

After confirming the drive was initializing for couple ofseconds and by mistake i had cancelled the initialization procedure

Problem : Now if i reconnect my external HDD it says 940 GBused 4.3 mb free and when i enter the hdd none of the folders are visible, If itry to reinitialize i get a message the drive is ERRM protected

If the hdd is connected to another system i still can’t findany folders. If any one knows how to resolve this issue it would be very helpfull

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