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Unable to Change Object's Access Mode

When logging into the console via RDC, I get this error with all four of my admin users:

Unable to change object's access mode

I know this error means that something has a handle on the user object, but I don't know what. I have to reboot the server every time this happens, and then I can only log into the database once. It is very annoying and time consuming. I am running 5.1.8 5600

I have changed the tcp/ip keepalive time to 300000

I'm dying over here, and I hate rebooting my server several times a day to get into the database.
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RE: Unable to Change Object's Access Mode

Weird... i have never gotten that message when trying to logon to the administration console.

I have gotten that error when trying to delete a user if someone else has its properties window open on the console for instance.

I have gotten this error on machines if the machine is in the middle of a sync and you are trying to do anything with it from the console.

Until you figure it out, instead of rebooting your server, just restart the McAfee Endpoint Encryption Database Service instead of rebooting your entire server.

If you kill the service it kills all connections to all objects so a simple restart of the service will work better than restarting the server.
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Re: Unable to Change Object's Access Mode

HI Ozmaan,

I just found the solution for your issue (a bit late but could be helpfull for somebody else )

The reason why you get that message in the activity log on the user interface is one of the following:

- The machine is with disabled "Boot protection" in the admin console.

- There are no drives selected to be encrypted in the admin console.

- No user is assigned to machine in question.

Fixig that helped in my case and I were able to perferm the encryption.


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