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USB encrytion .exe deleted by another antivirus

Hello, I have a problem with these options when I encrypt pendrives.

Allow Encryption (with offsite access): When policy is assigned, I copied an exe from USB to local disk, and vice versa successfully

Enforce Encryption (with offsite access): When policy is assigned, user was forced to encrypt with a password (if user didnt, device was then Read Only).  Files could then be copied from USB to local disk and vice versa.  When USB inserted into another host, password had to be entered before files were accessible.

When the pendrive is connected to another computer without McAfee products, detects the .exe from the encryption as a virus, so its deleted and after that can`t access to all data, even take the .exe from the vault of the antivirus and copy back, all the data is inaccessible. Not always I can access to the console to use the help desk and there's no an specific antivirus that does it, sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't. Is there some way to repair the .exe when its eliminated for another antivirus without the ePO help desk?

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