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[URGENT] - Safetech e0020008 occurred while trying to decrypt


Here the environment:

- EEPC 5.2.12

- WinPE 3.1 Recovery image

- Microsoft Windows 7 EN

We try to recover an encrypted computer. Everything goes well (WinPE network boot by F12), Then run Wintech. type the code of the day, authticate with SBFS.

We are able to get successfuly into Wintech. BUT, as soon as we start the decrypt process, I get the following:

SafeBoot removal process started
Opening Disk Manager
Starting decryption
Exception E0020008 occured while trying to decrypt

And then if we reboot the computer, we get a "SBFS cannot be located", or something similar. So the computer is stuck and cannot be booted anymore.

To build the WinPE image, we have followed all the steps based on the Simon's Hunt web site.

Any help, recommendation, will be urgently appreciated.

Note that the "official and standard" recovery as per the Mcafee documentation is to build a BartPE. But this is build based on Windows XP and we are now on Windows 7. This will also force us to have 2 different boot media (WinPE to deploy our Windows 7 image, and BartPE for EEPC recovery).

Many thanks in advance for your help.



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Re: [URGENT] - Safetech e0020008 occurred while trying to decrypt

Found the answer....

Disk must be set as Offline ..

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