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UBCD plugin / BARTPE plugin

Good day all.

I have an HP pc that came with safeboot.

The latest HP credential Manager update has caused windows not to load - safeboot.sys file missing.

Posts suggest using UBCD with a safeboot plugin.

As my laptop is unuseable where can I please get ALL the files I need to do this. I know my safeboot username / password so all I won't to do is mount the C drive so I can copy the safeboot.sys file into the windows drivers directory.

I have tried finding the files on the HP disks but I am using VISTA and it is impossible to find them as everything is compressed.

HP have said reformat. This is not the preferred option so hopefully someone can please help.



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Re: UBCD plugin / BARTPE plugin

This thread adresses similar issue:

Well, you could get all info about BartPE/WinTech CD creation from EE install CD (or downloadable from McAfee site - grant number needed).

But it is HP product, so you need to get their support.

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