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Trying to recover data with Safeboot \ Wintech

I have a Gateway laptop E-475 that is encrypted with MEE (McAfee Endpoint Encryption) that crashed last week and been trying to recover the data on it. I have the latest version of Safeboot \ Wintech on a CD and was able to authorize the code and authenticated, but when I go to A43 File Management Utility, and try to navigate to the local disk, it’s not showing any of my files to recover on the local disk.

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Re: Trying to recover data with Safeboot \ Wintech


Can you even see the disk in WinTec (does it appear in A43?) If not, then the problem is you don't have the right disk drivers included in your disk image - Windows will always show the disk, encrypted or not, as long as it can see it.

If the disk is there, and you are using an old version of WinTech, you might need to give it a poke, just open the workspace, load up a sector and decrypt it. That should inspire WinTec to mount the drive.

New versions don't suffer from this problem.

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Re: Trying to recover data with Safeboot \ Wintech

What information do you see when you try to display Disk Information in one of WinTech menus?

Do you see disk partitions (at least)?

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