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How can i tell what directiion the sync is happening, and how can I define what direction it syncs in.

Please let me know if you need any further info.

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RE: Syncronization

sync of what?

It's a little moot though as you can't control any of it - it does what it needs to do. Somethings only go one way (policy), others can go both ways (tokens), - the client log will tell you which way though in those cases.

You can't control it at all though, to do so would be an easy way to break the security.

RE: Syncronization

How can I tell from the client log which way the token sync is going?

RE: Syncronization

it tells you?

if it says updating the database it's going up, if it says updating local data it's coming down?

RE: Syncronization

Safeboot, What determine which direction it goes.?

RE: Syncronization

the time the last change was made (the UTC timestamp as indicated by the place making the change, ie the client itself, or the console the admin was using).