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Single Sign On -- Broken Logic?

Hello All,

I think I may be misunderstanding a portion of single sign on, but we have it implemented but routinely encounter the following scenario:

User forgets their McAfee Password (password1) and resets with self service recovery to (password2).

User continues boot and auto-signs into windows using SSO (which still uses password1)

McAfee SSO intercepts the SSO auto logon and sets their McAfee Password to (password1)

User shuts down and the next day this cycle loops again as the McAfee login will be expecting (password1) rather than (password2).

Is there any way to stop McAfee syncing the password if a reset/recovery was performed for the same login to prevent this?

The only way I can see of proceeding is to advise users who self-recover to also reset their windows password after they have logged in.

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