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Setting default preboot keyboard language/layout on 5.2.5

After upgrading to 5.2.5 to fix an issue last week, i've started to push the 5.2.5 EEPC client files to systems, starting with laptops which had previously had issues on the older 5.1.8 install.

This has brought to light a problem that will be more apparent when it comes time to upgrade our existing estate. (i've yet to deploy 5.2.5 to a non-encrypted PC)...

In 5.1.8, I was able to update the locale.ini stored within the Theme to force the keyboard layout and language to English (United Kingdom).

However, on upgraded systems, they are ignoring this setting and using the US keyboard and language options.

I can find no way of forcing the default option to UK, and i don't fancy having to contact all our users to tell them how to change it manually when it comes time to upgrade them.

The file groups we're using are:

  • EEPC52 LANG: English United Kingdom/USA (PreBoot, Keyboard, Windows) (15)
  • EEPC52 Theme213: Endpoing Encryption for PC McAfee Theme (19)
  • EEPC52: Endpoing Encryption 5.2.5 Client Files (59)

The Theme213 filegroup is updated with our own custom graphics (at least for 1024x768) and includes the modified locale.ini that had worked with 5.1.8, the modification being these lines at the top of the file:


I did notice a locale.ini with the "Client Files" group, does this one need to be modified instead ? ]

All the systems we deploy to have UK keyboards fitted, and (windows)  regional settings set at UK..

Any suggestions/assistance will be appreciated.


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Re: Setting default preboot keyboard language/layout on 5.2.5

Did you compare client "Locale.ini" prior to upgrade to 5.2.5 with post upgrade to 5.2.5?

Also, from EEPC 5.2.5 Release Notes:


5250.13 Upgrade of EEPC client files resulted in Locale.ini being cleared of existing data

When upgrading between language file groups, the Locale.ini files will de-

merge on the

update leaving an empty locale.ini on the client workstation.

To solve this, the individual language locale.ini files have been removed from all the language

file groups and instead a single Locale.ini file has been created containing all the current

language and keyboard maps. This new global locale.ini is included in the main client files file

group and is *not* a merge INI.


I guess you can predict consequences of such change.

Are you trying to upgrade "between language file groups"?

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Re: Setting default preboot keyboard language/layout on 5.2.5

Thanks for spotting that in the release notes.

I've updated the locale.ini in the main client files group/set and it seems to have worked on the first laptop i've tried it on.

I'll try a couple more, but i think that may have sorted it.