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Safetech .dsk file burning

Is there a specific package/feature of Nero to use when burning .dsk files to make a safetech boot disk (or a more recommended package)?  I ask because I work for an organization that is quite wary of ordering "media" software of any type and my manager says I need to get specific on the requisition form.  I also ask about Nero specifically bacause it is mentioned in the Knowledgebase guide ( )

Thank you.

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Re: Safetech .dsk file burning

Not sure what you mean by burning .dsk files, but Nero will work for a wide variety of formats.

Also, not sure where your URL link was suppose to point.

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Re: Safetech .dsk file burning

Ahhh, my apologies, I was trying to link to KB68418.  It refers to making a .dsk file with EEM and then burning that to a CD, and specifically refers to Nero in the KB article.

Re: Safetech .dsk file burning

There are many freeware software that can do this. I use MagicISO for this purpose.

Re: Safetech .dsk file burning

For safetech if you have nero you can create bootable cd. or read the manual from

or magic iso

and many other tools.. but this a bit limited to use only one image.

For multiple boot(safetech + wintehc etc..)

you can use

but i prefer isolinux

to integrated safetech & wintech and other usefull tools for my Site IT.

for convinient i also put script with syslinux  in the iso/cd

so my site it can port the tools for bootable usb thumdrive.

well it's depends.. there are many way to do it..