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Safetech Safeboot removal

Have spoken to our head office in the US and told me to use the safetech boot disk to unistall safeboot off our laptop, I've got in using the code of the day however was told to load the database form a file they supplied however when I chose this option the whole thing locks up so instead I chose the SBFS authentication and entered the users safeboot details this seems to of worked.

Now I've chosen the remove EEPC and its given me a decrypt time of 128000 seconds this fluctutates a couple of thousand either way is this timer acurate as that means it would take nearly 36 hours to decrypt!!! Oh and the mouse cursor has stopped responding as well!
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RE: Safetech Safeboot removal

Sounds about right for safetech. If you wanted it done fast, wintech would have been the way to go.