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Safely aborting an EEPC installation

during installation of the EEPC client we are going to use a pre and post install exe.

if our pre install exe can't connect to our EES or another number of conditions aren't met we want to abort installation.

also if our post install exe can't connect to our EES or is terminated unexpectedly we would like to have the EEPC client uninstall itself before the 1st reboot and any synchronisation is attempted

is any of this possible?

I found the code in autodomain which is suggesting renaming the sdmcfg.ini but I was hoping to talk to the installation package and abort/uninstall cleanly.
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RE: Safely aborting an EEPC installation

not officially no, but your pre-install exe could simply terminate the setup task. You can't use the built in uninstall until AFTER the first reboot (the driver needs to be in place).

why would you want to abort though, why not install anyway? The client won't do anything until it can talk to an EES...
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