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Safeboot sync with Active Directory

I've tried to sync Safeboot 5 bootwith Active Directory to import users using the LDAP connector. It appears to run then Safeboot connection manager disappears. when I restart it the settings have disappeared and there are no domain users in Safeboot. Am I doing anything wrong
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RE: Safeboot sync with Active Directory

Our AD Connector works perfectly.
Assume, you try on an admin user account for your system and SafeBoot.

The setting that stores AD Connector setting, is located at \SBAdmin\CmSettings.xml . It's a XML file. You might want to try to open it with notepad and save it right away (this will proof that you have write access...).

In our setting, we have an installer account and admin account... We have to add admin account to the folder security and apply to all the child folders/files...
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Certain XML Editors Can Make Config Unreadable

I had a similar problem when I was using TextPad to edit the XML files directly. If you rename the config file and let it build one from scratch, see if it works. Set a limited scope too, so that you get a small test connect. I just use plain old Notepad.exe for editing config files for SafeBoot now.

There are useful changes you can only do by editing the config file though, like disable case-sensivity or limiting your returned attributes (which can speed up the synch considerably).
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