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Safeboot on Team Laptops

Good Afternoon all Smiley Happy

I would like to know how other people have delt with Safeboot (5.1.3) on Team Laptops. We have several requests at the moment for single laptops to be used by an entire team of 30+ users.

Would you create 30+ Safeboot accounts? Even though the cost of the licences is way more than the laptop itself.

We don't really want to enable Autologon for security reasons.

Anyone have any ideas? Much appreciated! :cool:
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Level 7

RE: Safeboot on Team Laptops

You could create a Shared Account and assigned it to only that laptop.

Or create all 30+ users and add to a group in Safeboot and assign that group to the laptop.
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RE: Safeboot on Team Laptops

shared accounts are bad news - you can't track who is using the device..

yes, you should create a user ID for each user, and add them as a group to the device. You don't need an EEPC licence for each user, just a user licence (I think these are sold in a 2-1 relationship to machines anyway?)

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