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Safeboot invalid time error 0xe0000010

Interesting fault this morning.

User called in to say that when they attempt to log into SB 5.2.2, they receive this error and Windows will not start.

We've seen this problem twice before and in those instances the fix was simply to do a password reset on the client which seemed to make the issue go away. However this is not working for this particular user. A reset will solve the problem for all of that day (including reboots), but when he starts the machine on the next working day he is back to square one.

Suspect some sort of object corruption. Both the machine and user objects are not picked up by SBADMCL reporting jobs so I had to manually find them in the GUI. Once found, opening the audit logs resulted in an "Unknown Error" before the Audit log would then be displayed. Having remotely connected to the client, I can see it is able to synch successfully but neother the User or Machine audit log shows any update since the problem started a few days ago.

The only recent change to the machine is a RAM change which the user says doesn't seem to coincide exactly with the day the issues started.

I've deleted the user account and created a new one and synched it to the local machine. User will monitor and report back.

Do we know anything about this error?

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Re: Safeboot invalid time error 0xe0000010

If you also tried boot once and it did not work, Emergency Boot should resolve it.

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