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Safeboot and dual boot system

Do you have any suggestions on how to configure safeboot to work with systems that have dual boot partitions. In this case a XP and Vista partition on the same physical drive, once safeboot is installed on XP, Vista partition will not boot.

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similar Dual Boot installs

We had a similar sitation with one of our teams. We had to perform the following steps:

1. First, verify that the drives are enumerated the same way on both partitions
2. disconnect from the network
3. Install SafeBoot one partition
4. log into the other partition
5. Install SafeBoot again
6. connect to the network and allow SafeBoot to synch with the database

This worked for us, but it is a pain for maintenance.
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RE: similar Dual Boot installs

Why do you need to dual-boot? Couldn't you just load and encrypt one OS, then use VMWare (or similar solution) to load the second OS in. This way the whole drive is encrypted with one key and the virtual OS install doesn't need to know anything about MEEPC.
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