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Safeboot and booting from floppy

I am trying to boot from a floppy on safeboot but it's not even trying to read the floppy. I am running Safeboot on a Dell 630 and used the floppy as an usb device as well as the modular bay and still does not work. I have checked the options in safeboot and it is set for floppy. Any ideas ? Thanks,
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Level 7

Safeboot and booting from floppy

Boot your computer (with either Floppy or CDROM) using a program called NTFS4DOS
- NTFS4DOS will mount the c:\ drive that contains boot.ini
- You will have to edit this file to remove the "/safeboot:minimal" from the boot.ini file
- The trick is that the EDIT command for DOS does not come with NTFS4DOS
- So you have to find it. In my case, the edit command was in c:\windows\system32
- The exact command I used to edit was --> c:\windows\system32\edit c:\boot.ini
- The DOS edit command is a simple editor. Use the ALT key to get to the menus
- In edit, remove "/safeboot:minimal" from the last line, keep everything else the same
- Save the file and then exit (I think turning off computer is also OK)
- Then reboot

sandy romeo

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