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Safeboot and bin files

Hello, I'm new here but thought this a good place to start.  I recently had my machine re-imaged which went fine. The old machine had safeboot as well as the new machine (5.1 v33). The laptop is  a Dell and the docking station has a built in hard drive for backups. The problem I'm having is that now that I have the machine back the backup drive shows as a single 75gb bin file. When re-imaged the docking station was not used.

Would safeboot encypt the entire drive and if so how do I recover what was on there or decrypt the bin file? Being that the drive was intended for backups I have certain files that I need off of there but now have no way to get to them.

Thanks for any info!


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Safeboot and bin files

EEPC does not create "bin" files - in fact it does not know anything about files at all, it works at the sector level.

So, if you can see this "file" on your external drive, it must have been created by something else? Perhaps some dell backup software?

If however it was encrypted with EEPC, then your support team can decrypt it using the data they host in in the recovery system, it's not something you can do yourself.

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