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Safeboot Unable to find the system boot disk


I just got a users notebook with safeboot device encryption 5.2.8 on a elitebook notebook running win vista

due to OS was not able to boot and crashing with blue screen, user atempted an OS restore and  fix MBR

this caused the notebook to not be able to boot to encryption log on screen,

no error msg is displayed at boot time just a blank screen

my understanding is that the attempt to os restore/fix MBR caused an encryption MBR corruption, so what i've done by now:

-> boot from Safeboot WinTech CD

-> autorized with code of the day

tried authenticate with SBFS -> not successfull, got a msg Error code: 0xe0050001 - SafeBoot Client not activated

get disk information: error=e002000a

repair disk information -> SafeBoot Client not activated

tried set safe original MBR -> SafeBoot Client not activated

NOW the error changed to Unable to find the system boot disk

1. is anyone able to explain why did the error change?

2. how to recover from that state and access the disk?

3. any other tool i could use here?

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Re: Safeboot Unable to find the system boot disk

well of course you can authenticate to sbfs because wintech need information in MBR (sector 0) to find where the SBFS sector reside..

What you can do now is to authenticate with database..

Database here is export profile machine from Endpoint Encryption Manager or normally known as SDB file..SafeBoot Database File..

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