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Safeboot Isolation period recovery...


I work for a large corporate which use SB v.5.1

We have recently seen a number of machines go into isolation. so they can't be booted by any user including administrators.

The machine objects don't appear to be in the SafeBoot console.

Is there any way of performing a recovery?
By recreating the machine object or using the safetech bootdisk?

I look forward to your reply,

Thanks in anticipation.

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RE: Safeboot Isolation period recovery...

If you deleted them from sbadmin the without restoring them from a backup, no. The data is lost. The policy was set to disable access if the machine did not connect, and by deleting them that's what it's doing.
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Isolation expired

I seem to remember reading that some version of Endpoint Encryption for PC had a flaw that allowed a person to get back out of it being expired by changing the BIOS date time. So depending on the version you maybe able to get it back bootable by changing the system date time in the BIOS. If you do you will want to get all of your data off of the computer while you can since you will have to reload the OS to get the computer back reporting into the MEE database.
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RE: Safeboot Isolation period recovery...

Zofty --
Are you sure the machines are gone from the database? Have you done a group scan to find "orphaned" machine objects? Have you attempted a "Boot Once" Machine recovery on the client box?
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