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Safeboot Install PopUp

Hi All,

I have installed safeboot on the machine and it got encrypted.

Version 5.2.2..

When i restart the machine safeboot installation popup came up for version 5.1.3

after that i have killed the 5.13.exe process from task manager and renamed the folder macafee folder from the path:C:\windows\options\coreapps.

then restarted the machine this time i wont get the popup. But after 2 or 3 days it again came up. Repeated the same process.

after that it again came after 2 days.

Can any one helpout on this issue.

thank you in advance


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Re: Safeboot Install PopUp

I think you need to call your IT team - the EEPC installer won't start itself, they must be starting it via some custom script?

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