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Safeboot Deleted Machine....

Hi There,

Sorry for posting 2 topics in the same day...

Was wondering if anyone has experienced this before;

We have a machine that seems to have its machine object deleted permanently, is there any way you can change the object ID on the client to match a new one I've manually created in the safeboot machines group, ive tried looking in SDMCFG.INI etc but cant see where it is explicitly set on the client

If anyone has any other whays of doing this your advice would be greatly appreciated, even a way for the client to re-register itself on the safeboot server.

Unfortunately this machine is a few hundred miles away so all we have is remote access so removal isnt an option...
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RE: Safeboot Deleted Machine....

no, there's no way to get a machine to pay attention to an object other than its own. The machine and it's object share some keys, so if you delete it, it's simply impossible to connect it to a new one.

if you could, there would be no end of naughty things a hacker could do with the system.

the best thing for you to do would be to restore that one machine from a past backup of your database.
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