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Safeboot / Checkpoint VPN-1Secure Client

I have a laptop with Safeboot installed and also Checkpoint VPN - 1Secure Client - at the moment all works fine, however I'm now trying to get the vpn software to fire up prior to a windows logon so the user is effectively logging on to a domain via the vpn. After enabling' Secure Domain Logon' in the checkpoint client i believe it alters the MS gina, However, as I'm using SBGINA it fails - any way around this ?
After a reboot, with no changes evident, I went back in to checkpoint to disable the 'Secure Domain logon' and got an error saying could not find the SBGINA.DLL in the system directory
I'd like safeboot to function correctly (although it doesn't necessarily have to syc passwords but I need the vpn client to connect prior to windows

thanks for your help
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RE: Safeboot / Checkpoint VPN-1Secure Client

SBGINA needs to be the first in the chain normally. Enabling the VPN likely moves it from the front and put's its own Gina in place. If there are switches to enable the VPN not to put its dll in front, then use those, then tell EEPC/SafeBoot to pass the logon details on to it (see SBGINA.ini).

Or you can disable the SSO options in EEPC/SafeBoot completely, and also override any behaviour for EEPC to force itself in the front of the chain. See the admin guide for the registry entry settings to force that.
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RE: Safeboot / Checkpoint VPN-1Secure Client

thanks for the info, as I'm not sure exactly what secure client is trying to do I'll look at disabling the SSO options in the reg
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RE: Safeboot / Checkpoint VPN-1Secure Client

OK - had a quick look at the ini files, but slightly in the dark as to what needs changing, any other info?

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