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Safeboot Booting problem with HP ProBeook 6460b - Intel Chipset 6 Series / Intel C200 Series Family

Hi Guys, I am currently suffering the dificulty of booting up HP Probook 6460b laptop after safeboot encryption completed. Details listed below :

EEM Version :  (Endpoint Encryption Manager)

EEPC Version : 5.2.2  ( To create the install to encrypt the laptop HDD)

Laptop Model : HP ProBook 6460b ( with the latest new Intel Chipset - Inter Chipset 6 Series / Intel C200 Series Family)

SATA Device  Mode on BIOS : IDE

OS Version :   Windows XP 32-bit with SP3

BIOS Version :  68SCE Ver. F .03

BIOS Date:        04/27/2011

Issue :  After i rebuild the laptop with our company image and encrypt the HDD using EEPC5.2.2 install, laptop restarted as required and freazed after BIOS checksum.

What i have tried: 

1 .Updated the BIOS to the latest version according to ROM provided by HP on their website. The BIOS version and date listed above.  It doesn't work.

2. Tried to use 80G HDD instead of 320GB HDD. No go.

3. Disable almost all the devices from BIOS ( USB, Parallel , Serial , Flash Media Reader, 1394,eSATA and Express Card Slot), no go

4. Change the SATA device mode to AHCI from IDE.  WORKS. But our company image is not AHCI compatiable, so blue screen after the safeboot.

5. Called Mcafee Tech Support, suggested to upgrade the Safeboot to 5.2.9.   So , i managed to update the EEM to and EEPC to 5.2.9.

6. Change the SATA Device Mode back to IDE and reimage the laptop, Encrypt with safeboot V5.2.9 and restart. No go (blank screen after BIOS checksum)

7. CHange the SATA Device Mode to AHCI, and it works again. But again, our company image does not support AHCI, and really wast of time for update the safeboot by taking Mcafee helpdesk suggestion.

8.Then strange thing happened, from step 7, the safeboot works, and i got blue screen due to OS not compatible of AHCI, so i restart the laptop and change the SATA mode back to IDE, This time, it only blank for about 20 seconds and pop up the login screen, So i am happly input the logins and click ok, the laptop stay at Mcafee login background and can't move the mouse , also the login prompt disappred. Waitted for 5 mins, then pop up error message : ERROR : 0xe0050045 - Unable to read Data Store object attribute.

Basically , i tried everything and for the new intel chipset, safeboot only works under AHCI, but before the new chipset , it always works under IDE mode and even tried update the EEM and EEPC doesn't resolve the problem. Need Help here.   Is it an known issue that safeboot not working with the latest Intel Chipset 6 Series/intel C200 Series Family ?

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