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Safeboot 5.1.5

I have a laptop that has blue screened, but I can't fix with safeboot on it.  Is there awa to remove it or something.  It is the CEOs laptop and he really needs the data off it.  I have the administrator username and password.

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Re: Safeboot 5.1.5

I have moved your post to the Encryption: EEM Managed forum for better attention


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Re: Safeboot 5.1.5

Yes, just use the standard disaster recovery toolkit (SafeTech/WinTech etc) and you can remove the encryption or access the data.

Your SafeBoot administrator should be able to help you - you won't need the machine keys from SBAdmin if the pre-boot still works, but they will know the exact process to go through so you don't mess up the data.

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Re: Safeboot 5.1.5

SafeBoot product came with documentation for administrators. Do you manage SafeBoot environment for your company?

If you do, you should be familiar with it. If you don't manage it, contact people who do.

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