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Safeboot 4.2, SbHttp issue.

Hi all,

We have small issue with Safeboot some times, Safeboot WebHelpDesk tool doesn't let anyone to log on, the same is with admin console. It freezees when credentials are provided.

SbHttp takes whole processor time during the issue.
I have restricted access to the system, so I cannot check some of the things which could casue the problem.

For me it looks like some sort of application blocks safeboot's database files (AntiVir scan perhaps?)

Any idea what could cause such behaviour, is it likely that this is caused by AntiVir soft (would such behaviour be expected if so?)
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RE: Safeboot 4.2, SbHttp issue.

Depending on how the server is hacked, sometimes people overdue their attempts at Security. Check the SbHTTP service, to see what account it runs as (system or something else), then check permissions in the SBadmin folder. Additionally, set your AV software on the server to ignore the SBDATA folder. If you're running Symantec AV 8, 9, or 10... it doesn't matter and it is just incompatible with this product as it still tries to "watch" all the files in SBDATA.

Could you provide any more specifics on the server setup? SAN, physical/VM, memory, AV/HIPS software, any noteworthy errors in the event viewer.