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SafeTech 5.2.x - keyboard hangs after Emergency Boot

Here's my issue:

While performing an EmergencyBoot using SafeTech 5.2.8 (had the same issue with several previous versions), Iget to the part where SafeTech passes over to the Windows boot loader, then immediatelythere is no keyboard connectivity. So if the system prompts to perform a SystemRecovery, and doesn't immediately go into Windows, I'm SOL (no keyboardconnectivity, so I can't hit enter or arrow down to "Start WindowsNormally").

So far I've seen this issue on afew models, Dell OptiPlex 745, 960 and 980 (all with up-to-date BIOS). Dell hasre-introduced the PS2 port on the 960 and 980. I’ve been told, by a co-worker, thatif you have a PS2 keyboard (and unplug all USB devices) it will allow you touse the keyboard at the Windows startup (while performing an Emergency Boot). Unfortunately,the 745 does not have any PS2 ports. This is definitely an issue with SafeTechbecause the same system allows me to use the keyboard at the Windows startupwhen not performing an Emergency Boot.

Any ideas as to what might becausing this, or how to work around it?


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