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SafeBoot PDA Server

I wasnt sure where to post this. I could not find a SafeBoot section.

I have had this problem Occur twice now and McAfee say they have not seen the issue.

SafeBoot PDA is all installed and configured as defaults. I create a package to put on the PDA and run it. During the Sync process I can see the communication going through but then it closes the connection:

The PDA device does not get a object created in safeboot and no policies can be synced with the device. This is the second time i have tried to encrypt a PDA and the second time it has failed.

The following information is on the Safeboot PDA server:

Waiting for client key agreement paramenters
result code = e0060001
Connection closed

Anyone got any ideas?
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Level 7

SafeBoot PDA Server

I am also having this issue, on doing a bit of research and with a little bit of support from McAfee I believe it is to do with the Encryption Algorithm. Apparently the installation default AES-256 doesn't support Windows Mobile and AES-FIPS should be used. However there is no documented support for this or any guidelines as part of the installation process. So far the only advise McAfee can give is to build a separate server for Windows Mobile devices - not a practical suggestion.

Please let me know if you have found a solution/workaround to this issue other than building an additional server.

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