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SafeBoot Error Code 0xe0020022


I just purchased a laptop with SafeBoot Encryption from McAfee,

but it doesn't seem to log on.

Whenever I type in my username and password,

a screen pops up saying "Error: 0xe0020022"

Any ideas how to fix this problem?

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Re: SafeBoot Error Code 0xe0020022

I've moved this thread to the Encryption v6 area, please let me know if you are on v5. Someone should be able to help you soon.

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Re: SafeBoot Error Code 0xe0020022

You need to perform Emergency Boot. Please contact your company HelpDesk.

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McAfee Employee

Re: SafeBoot Error Code 0xe0020022

I have just spotted something that would inhibit someone finding the article in the KnowledgeBase. The error in the article is slightly different, which is enough to cause a search to fail.

Article KB60196 states:  Error e0020022 Unknown

Where the actual popup error is Error: 0xe0020022.

Anyone searching the KnowledgeBase using 0xe0020022 or "0xe0020022" would not find the mentioned article with ease.

So I will pull this article in and add the full error string to assist others in finding it.

I find the community useful to assist in updating articles to assist others.

Knowledge Analyst (Global Online Services)

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Re: SafeBoot Error Code 0xe0020022

Hello SafeBootError,

Were you aware of the encryption on the laptop when you purchased it?

If no, I would go back to the person who sold it to you and I would ask to remove/fix it, depending on your "need' to have SafeBoot/Mcafee installed.

If yes, I would still go back to the person who sold it and I would ask to fix it.

Good luck.

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