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SafeBoot Device Encryption - "SafeBoot disk driver not present"


We're running SafeBoot Devices Encryption (McAfee Endpoint Encryption),which we've sucessfully installed on 5 Windows XP SP2 (32-bit) laptops, without to many problems. However, we've just tried to roll it out to 1 laptop running Windows XP SP2 64-bit, and although the install looked like it suceeded, the hard disk encryption won't start, the log shows the following error message:

[e0020018] SafeBoot disk driver not present.

I know SafeBoot is a new product to the McAfee portfolio, but does anyone know why this error is appearing? The only reason I can think is that its running 64-bit Windows, but I thought SafeBoot was 64-bit compatible?

Anyhelp would be much appreciated.

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SafeBoot 5 - 64-bit OS

SafeBoot officially supports 64-bit Vista, but I don't know about XP. You could try to assign the 64-bit Vista client files the XP machine.

I would be curious to know as well, since we also use SafeBoot to transport servers between locations. At some point, we will start getting more servers running 64-bit Win2003.

RE: SafeBoot 5 - 64-bit OS


We got an official response back from McAfee a few days after I posted the original message, SafeBoot doesn't support WinXP 64 bit, only Vista. We've since formatted and reinstalled XP 32bit.

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