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SafeBoot 5.1.2 Windows Mobile Device Population

Hi all

Hoping someone can help with the above, we're looking to encrypt our fleet of Window Mobile 5 and 6 Professional with SafeBoot, an upgrade to McAfee Endpoint Encryption is on the agenda but not as high a priority as getting the encryption done.  After all SafeBoot 5.1.2 supports the fleet OS.

I've been testing with this today, added a SafeBoot PDA Server and generated a suitable installation set which I have pushed out to a Palm Treo 750 and Palm Treo Pro.  The devices run the client fine, the problem I am getting is that a record is not created for the device within the console.

I believe this release of SafeBoot was the first to support mobile device encryption but unfortunately the guides do not contain any valuable instructions.  Can someone please assist on how the record should be generated within the system, I can't see how this is going to occur through ActiveSync?

Secondly, and I hope this is not the problem, I referred to our license and we purchased licenses for PocketPC devices, there are 0 licenses next to 'Palm' and 'Symbian'.  Although the Treo's run Windows Mobile are our licenses not appropriately set?

Many thanks

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