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SafeBoot 4.2 Client Migration


Recently we have migrated our Device Encryption infrastructure from Safeboot 4.2 to EEPC 5.1.9. Server migration went well, though with some hick-ups but we managed to normalize the service.Now the uphill task seems to be migrating the old client's on to the new platform. We have 15000 machines on older version. Iam trying to find the best possible way to migrate these machines to the new version. Earlier, thought of changing the File set for these machines to MEE519 client files manually, but that is a load of manual task. Is there any possibility that I may automate this task using some sort of vbscript or something, or using sbadmcl command SetMachineFileGroups for every group should be an easier option...

Advice and suggestions are appreciated...


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Re: SafeBoot 4.2 Client Migration

If you are brave enough you can use SetMachineFileGroups for each machine. Make sure to proceed gradually as massive change could overwhelm your server or cause intermittent client connection problems. You can script easily if you obtain list of machines first. Keep in mind that users will not be notified when upgrade occurs, so they could shutdown or reboot computers in a very bad moment. Learn how to recover from those failures first, then prepare proper procedures for your support desk.

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