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SSO on MFE through Windows


I am using a McAfee File and Folder Encryption client that encrypts only files are folders and not the drive of the system (no device encryption). I encounter a login window after I finish my GINA authentication with Windows and just before the desktop is prepared. This could be annoying for the users to remember so many passwords while they login to their workstations.

I was just checking if there exists a SSO to MFE from Windows, instead of the SSO to Windows from MFE, which seems to be the case possible. Perhaps I am not able to drill it in my 2 day expedition on the product.

Thanks a lot for your response...



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Re: SSO on MFE through Windows

simply, no - SSO is supported when you are also using EEPC, but if you are using EEFF alone, no, there is no SSO passthrough - you will need to authenticate to EEFF when you access a key, or after the Windows Login.

PCI rules enforce separation of file encryption and OS authentication, so if that's a component of why you are protecting files, you need to live with it - SSO is not compatible with PCI.

as a note though EEFF4 does not use separate creds, it leverages your Windows credentials.

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