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I've inherited the admin  of an installation of Safeboot and have to make some changes to it.

We are going through a re-ip of all our server (changing from 192.x.x.x to 10.x.x.x addresses) and i need to update the Safeboot to reflect this.

Unfortunately both the server and the hot backup have been setup for the clients to point to ip address rather than DNS name (school boy error i know).

So what i need to know is what’s the best way about changing the servers and clients to point to the DNS name of both servers rather than IP address.

I've changed the SDMCFG.ini file to point to the DNS name on a test laptop with Safeboot on, and everything seems to be working on it i.e. its communicating with the server.

But I’m just wondering if this is the best way to do it on a big scale, or would there be potential pit falls doing it this way? and what if anything do i need to change on the server?



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Re: SDMCFG.ini

you need to make the same change in the server object so if you ever recreate an install set, it has the DNS name in it - DO NOT recreate the server though!

How you change all the INI files on all your machines is up to you - you can make a merge ini which changes the existing file, or you can use something outside of EEPC to deploy a new sdmcfg.ini file, or, as many have done, write a login script to do it for you.

At least you are in good position of having not changed the address yet - once that happens things get a lot harder.

Oh, and one thing NOT to do - do NOT deploy an sdmcfg.ini file through EEM - it's not there for good reason. Sure, you can deploy a MERGE ini file, but not a standard one.

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