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SBAdmin password - not working

Here's the situation:

SBAdmin password no longer works to log in to the console.  Also no longer works on client machines to unlock the hard drive.  There are no other admin accounts created.

We have been unable to verify if anyone has changed the password.  It seems the previous sbadmin password was known to users, so anything could have happened "by mistake" or otherwise.

To compound the problem, there is no valid backup of the SB database.

How do we get in to the console to change the SBAdmin password?

Thanks in advance for any help.........

Safeboot v 5

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Level 15

Re: SBAdmin password - not working

Please contact McAfee Support on that issue.

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Level 21

Re: SBAdmin password - not working

We can promote another user, or rescue your admin if you have one good user/password - you need to work with McAfee support to have that done. If you have no known users/passwords, you are sunk.

Sometimes there is a charge involved as forgetting your password and not having a backup is really not covered under "support"

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Level 9

Re: SBAdmin password - not working

Hi Maholaah,

In order to make your sbadmin password work, you need to have old database backup in which your sbadmin password was working. Once you have that backup, Kindly follow the below mention procedure in order to restore your SbAdmin user from a backup you must do the following:

1- Close your SafeBoot Administrator application if you still have it open (with another user for instance)

2 - Browse to your SBDATA folder, depending on your settings this is (by default) the C:\Program Files\SbAdmin\SBDATA folder

3 - Browse to the 00000001/00000000/00000001 folder. This should be your SbAdmin's userfolder.

4 - First, we will check if this is indeed the folder we are looking for. To do this open the 08400001.dat file in Notepad

5 - This shows the username from this user's folder, most likely SbAdmin. If this does not show SbAdmin, do not proceed.

6 - If it shows SbAdmin, rename this 00000001 directory (the SbAdmin userdirectory) to something else - for instance, 00000001.old

7 - Copy the exact same folder from the exact same location (so SBDATA/00000001/00000000/00000001 in this case) from your backup, and copy that entire folder to your SBDATA folder so that you get

8-  the exact same structure again (SBDATA/00000001/00000000/00000001)

9- Relogin with your SbAdmin username, and use your old password, which was used in the time when this backup was created.

Hope this helps.


Hardik Kothari

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