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Role of the file "SbExcludedSectors.srg"

Hi Team

I have a customer, who is asking about the role of the file "SbExcludedSectors.srg".

I searched in the product doc, KBs but I didnt get it. Please share the role of this file.



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Re: Role of the file "SbExcludedSectors.srg"

Open "SbExcludedSectors.srg" with notepad. Then you can search using Google and find this:


SafeBoot uses several sectors of the hard disk between 1 and 63

(commonly termed the “partition gap” to store power fail information

while encryption and decryption is in progress. If you have other

applications also using these sectors, you can exclude them from the

range used by specifying registry settings as below.

For each sector you need to exclude, add a DWORD value of 1 with a

name of the decimal sector number to the following registry key as

[HKLM\Software\SafeBoot International\SafeBoot\DiskManager\ExcludedSectors]



You can specify any number of exclusions using this method, but be

aware that at least two sectors are required, and the smaller the

number available, the slower encryption processes will run.

You can add this information to the client NTDRV.SRG registry file to

ensure it is applied on all machines at point of install.

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Re: Role of the file "SbExcludedSectors.srg"

I'm the customer that contacted Mcafee Technical Support with this query.

It's kindof funny that it just ended up posted on this forum, rather than the support agent speaking to ... oh I don't know, maybe Mcafee's technical team, or the developers?

In future I'll just post my questions here instead, take out Mcafee's excellent CS team as the middlemen.

I wonder how much my company paid for this level of support

Nice start to the week, made me smile.

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Re: Role of the file "SbExcludedSectors.srg"

I think the OP posted to the wrong forum - we have both internal and external forums, he probably (I hope anyway!) forgot which one he was logged onto ;-)

Yes, we use the same Jive platform for both...

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