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Reset users local recovery

Somedays it works and others it doesn't.

Syncs are completed before reboot.  It always says successful in EEM.  Anybody ever seen this?

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Re: Reset users local recovery

What is the version used and elaborate the exact issue that has been experienced?

You can try  the steps given below:

1.  Right-click on the user and selecting "Reset local recovery"

2.  Reset the token

3.  Re-creat the token

4.  Synchronize the machine after each change is made to the user and watching the status log to make sure a change has been made to the user.

5.  Try recreating the user (if possible) and check.

Re: Reset users local recovery

Well HS3, we are using 5.1.7.

The exact problem is pretty straight forward.  A week ago, I could right click on a users name in EEM, click reset local recovery, get reset successful, force Sync machine and the next time the user logged in they got asked their three question.  This week it isn't working.  My point is that it is never consistant.  One morning it might work and by the afternoon it won't.

Even the local recovery itself is pretty flaky.  After the three questions are answered, sometimes you have to click Password Only Token to login with default password and other times it goes straight to changing password.

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