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Reset Questions

I would like to change our local recovery questions. We had gone with the standard questions which were pretty awful but as most users have already set the local recovery, can we reset the questions removing the olds or do we have remove them and then require the user to reset the local recovery questions again?

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Re: Reset Questions

we was using the self recovery in the beginning of the our EE deployment, we found that 99% of our users doesn’t remember the self recovery answers they entered  first time and we have disable it.

we have raised FMR to provide a options to modify the self recovery Q&A options.

for our organization we would setup the Q&A Self recovery in this way better than using the default what our users cannot remember:

-Employee code Number

-Date of Joining.

-Office Phone Number.

-Passport Number...etc

it should be three question enabled so that any unauthorized cannot easy guess the Answers.

Up to now no update when this will be available.

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