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Removable media encryption can encrypt local drive.


It is just my curiosity, but I would like to know well.

I tested a situation about EEFF removable media encryption.

When I apply "User regular encryption" for remobavle media to the PC Disk0 is data drive(D drive) and Disk1 is system drive(C drive), I confirmed following result.




    Disk0(D drive) is NOT encrypted, Disk1(C drive) is encrypted.

EEFF3.2.x(3.2.4 later):

    Disk0(D drive) is encrypted, Disk1(C drive) is NOT encrypted.

Do anyone find the reason above differences occurs? I checked the release notes 3.2.4, but I cannot find.

Because EEFF 3.x is already regacy version, McAfee tech support team wouldn't investigate this phenomenon, I guess. So I described it into this site.

I would appreciate if anyone could help.


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