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Recovery from attempting a dual boot installation

I have read the posts and it sounds as though recovery of data should be possible (

My IT department is currently telling me that it is not possible and I must format my drive.

Here is what happened and wanted to get a read from the community if it is possible or am I just over-reading what I see in the posts with a lot of optimism.

1) Laptop has Vista on the main drive.  It was running fine and 100% functional.  No other boot partitions at this time.

2) IT department forced the installation of McAfee Endpoint Encryption  System still ran fine with no problems or issues.

3) Installed Vista 64bit on a drive that was in the ultra bay of the laptop.  Was able to successfully boot and run Vista 64bit but no longer see Endpoint Encryption credential screen.

Based on my understanding of the WinTech & SafeTech utilities (from the URL above), my IT group should be able to gain access to my drives data and save it off onto an unencrypted drive (at the very least) or rebuild/create the MBR of my drive so it will be as though Vista 64bit was never installed.

Please help understand if I am pushing my IT department to do something that is not possible.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Recovery from attempting a dual boot installation

With machine object exported to SDB file, technician could perform WinTech encrypted partition mount to see filesystem in clear.

Then recovery of your data would be possible. Next, I would suggest to remove EEPC or at least decrypt sectors (after proper inspection of what range was encrypted).

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