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Re: Endpoint Encryption Hangs for 20 Minutes upon system boot.

I'm not sure if this will help anyone with a similar problem, but I have recently been experiencing a similar issue with my work Lenovo L440. It locks up on startup / reboot after displaying the McAfee Drive Encryption screen and the mouse and keyboard go totally unresponsive. In my case even leaving for over an hour had no effect. However I inadvertently discovered a workaround...

(1) Interrupt the BIOS startup by pressing enter as soon as the message appears

(2) Go into BIOS setup. Don't change any settings!

(3) Save and Exit

Hey Presto! The machine will start and after a few seconds I can enter the password for McAfee Drive Encryption and it will boot as normal. I now have to go into the BIOS, save and come out every time I start my machine but at least I am not totally locked out. 

As to why entering the BIOS setup, saving and coming out again allows the machine to boot normally I have no idea. Any comments or thoughts appreciated!

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Re: Endpoint Encryption Hangs for 20 Minutes upon system boot.

I'm facing the same problem :(. Have you got a solution?

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